Whale-Watching Tours Provide a Memorable Way to Spend Your Next Holiday


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Whale watching is a great way to spend your next holiday because seeing whales in their natural habitat allows you to view these beautiful creatures and enjoy everything that makes them unique. The companies that offer these tours have luxurious boats that allow you perfect views every time and the prices of the tours include everything you’ll need to make the trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In fact, for one low price, you’ll have access to these beautiful animals and a comfortable, air-conditioned boat that provides snacks and drinks and is large enough to view the whales regardless of your location. There is no such thing as a bad viewing spot because the boats are large and can accommodate everyone on them. The season also runs from mid-May to mid-November so you have a long time to be able to enjoy this unique experience.

A Memorable and Unique Outing

If you love animals, the outdoors, and doing something that most people have never experienced, then whale watching is perfect for you. These tours include 16- or 17-metre boats that have plenty of room for everyone, not to mention interior sections that are air-conditioned and have bathrooms and plenty of food and drinks for your convenience. The outings usually last anywhere from one hour to four hours and there are even cruises that allow for a more personalised experience. Tours that offer whale watching in Sydney truly offer something for everyone so whether you want to view these whales with a group of interested individuals or just some family and friends, they can accommodate you. The prices are also reasonable, starting at only $37 AUD. The tour companies take care of everything for you so all you have to do is decide which tour you’d like to take and they will do the rest.

All Types of Whales Can Be Seen

All whales are amazing creatures and you can expect to see mostly humpback whales in these whale-watching tours. However, it is also possible to see blue whales, Southern Right whales, Brydes, Sei whales, and even a few dolphins, including bottlenose dolphins and Australian fur seals. In fact, when you head out on your tour, you never know what you’ll end up seeing but one thing is certain — this is one holiday that you will be talking about for many years to come. You will never be disappointed in these tours because the tour companies know just where to go on the water and just when to go to see the most whales. They also teach you a lot about the whales while you’re on the tour so the tours are educational as well as a lot of fun. If you’ve never before been on a whale-watching tour, you owe it to yourself to do so. Not only can you enjoy seeing these beautiful animals but you can also enjoy some fresh air, sunshine, and a very relaxing outing that is certain to make you glad that you chose this adventure for your next holiday.

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