Hotel Facilities based on the Money you intend to Spend


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Accommodation could be bifurcated into three major categories:

  • Complete service
  • Limited service
  • Extended stay

Different places would offer different hotel facilities. Therefore, it would always be good to have knowledge about what you should expect in order to get the most value for your money.

Complete service should not always be required when the only thing to be made use of would be the bed.

Extended stays would be precisely a place where someone could stay over for longer duration for a reasonable price. They would cater you with limited amenities. They would be largely useful to people who were relocating and searching for a place to stay.

Few services for lower price

However, for a relatively lower price, very little could be expected pertaining to services received. The hotel would be offering maid service once a week with an option to pay for it provided it has been desired in a frequent manner. You may be provided with a pool, but it would be highly unlikely they would be offering laundry services on the property for their guests.

When it comes to limited services, you should rest assured that over the years, the facility or services have changed drastically. They have been known to offer more value for the price at which the services are offered. It would be highly profitable niche in the hotel arena. It would be pertinent to mention here that while the owners would relish keeping it in the same manner; they would not be offering various services that they may not have given before. The reason would be to get budget travelers or vacationers to make use of limited services as compared to complete services.

Services offered in limited services

Several things would be presented in limited services. It would be inclusive of maid service. However, few hotels would offer hot and free continental breakfast for their customers. You may have a restaurant in the premises, but chances are higher for it to be more of a café than fine dining. You might be given option of enjoying the pool, but it would usually be an exception.

A good example of complete services would be They look forward to offer the best services to their customers. Regardless, you being on vacation or business trip, the hotel would provide you with the best services suitable to your specific needs. You would be spoilt for options of luxurious services for a reasonable price.

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