Four Things You Must Try In Bromont, Canada!


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If you are looking for an offbeat destination in Canada, Bromont might just fit the bill. Bromont is ideal for almost anyone – families, friends looking for adventure, couples and honeymooners. What’s even better is the fact that you can reach here easily. It’s less than 100 kms from Montreal and around three-hour drive from Quebec City. Below are some of the things you should definitely enjoy in Bromont.

Hike, and hike some more!

Bromont is located at the base of Mount Brome, and most people come here for the love of hiking. The good thing is there are over 100 kilometers for trails here, so regardless of your fitness levels, this is something you would enjoy here. Get around the lake, or just for a hike that takes the route to the summit of Mount Brome – the choice is yours. Just make sure that you are here for at least one weekend or two days, to get soaked in the beauty of the mountains.

Stay at a pleasant hotel

If you are here, make sure to trouver un hôtel à Bromont. There are some incredible options, depending on what kind of services you enjoy. The better hotels offer spas and wellness services, and many people just sit back and enjoy the location. After months of struggling at work, this can be a getaway of sorts, because Bromont weather is likeable all year around. We also recommend that you book your stay at a preferred hotel in advance, because this is a small city with limited ‘good’ options.

Head to the chocolate museum

There’s a reason why people love chocolate. Thankfully, you have the Chocolate and Confectionery Museum in Bromont, which may feel like a small one but is certainly one of the must-do things. Of course, you can try some of the chocolates and get more for home, but if you are someone who loves learning, spend some time learning the history of chocolate at the Museum.

Shopping in the small town

If you are new to Bromont, you would be happy to know that there are enough shopping options for every kind of budget, and this is nothing like the cities. The laidback life and easy attitude of the shop owners make shopping a bliss here.

Also, you can include Léon Courville Vigneron vineyard in your list, where you can enjoy a guided tour besides getting a bottle for your home.

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