Do You Want to See Europe by Bike?


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If you want to get into shape or stay in shape, the best way to do so is by biking. By cycling to various destinations, you can experience interesting cultures up close, and stay in good physical shape. Cycling also lightens the mood and makes it more interesting to travel.

Well Worth Your Travel Dollar

For instance, a cycling holiday from Hooked on Cycling is one travel experience worth the money. You can choose from one of the European countries and get a first-hand look at villages and local towns and cities. You can also see great vistas, marshlands, and fjords – all from a bicycle. You won’t be driving a car, but cycling through towns and the countryside.

Experiencing New Places

Whether you cycle all the time or cycle every now and then, you will find that this type of trip will allow you to experience places in a new and exciting way. You just don’t get the same experience when you drive. By cycling through Europe, you can become immersed in the experience.

Where Do You Want to Go?

If you decide to take a cycling holiday, you will need to decide on a country and area. Do you want to see places in France, Spain, the UK, or Norway? Maybe you would like to cycle through places in Italy, Greece, or Eastern Europe. Once you decide on where you want to go, it is a good idea to brush up on the language of a place. For example, if you speak English and choose to see Italy, you should pick up a phrase book or go online and review Italian phrases.

Research a Place Before You Book a Trip and Make Plans

It also helps to introduce yourself to a place’s culture and food by going online and doing a little research. For example, suppose you choose to cycle through a wine region in France. Learn more about the area by reviewing some of the towns and get acquainted with the customs. You may also want to schedule your cycling trip during a local festival. That way, you can experience the culture in a festive and fun way.

Check the Expected Forecast

Cycling tours are held during certain times of the year, or when the temperatures and weather are more temperate. Still, it does not hurt to check the expected forecast before you leave on holiday. It always helps to prepare for any cycling journey, as it will make your trip more interesting.

Pleasant Stays and Experiences

When you take part in cycling, you will stay at various local hotels or beds and breakfasts. Each stay is always pleasant, as organisers choose popular local properties. That way, you are assured that you will always stay at a friendly and warm place, and that you will always be greeted by a nice surprise.

An Unforgettable Journey

Would you like to cycle through a place in Europe? If so, you should read about and research the various places that are featured by cycling tour operators. Know what you will be doing and more about the region before you book a trip. This type of tour is one you will never forget. Therefore, make sure you book a holiday that will be as fun and immersive as it is memorable.

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